Restaurant 1873 ranked no. 5 best venue in Graubunden Trendmagazin

We are delighted that our mountain view Restaurant 1873 is ranked the fifth best place to eat in Graubunden, Switzerland

Source: GRAUBÜNDEN GEHT AUS! Magazine 2017/2018.

Restaurant 1873 at the Hotel Bellevue Wiesen is very popular with guests and locals enjoying the locally sourced, Swiss and internationally inspired cuisine whilst taking in the uninterrupted panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and the lush alpine valley below.

Restaurant 1873 is open all year round and offers a range of seasonally inspired delights including our signature dish, The Wiesner Alpheu soup (Fri. 10.-),

The restaurant offers as appetisers including apple mango soup with tuna cubes in sesame ginger coat (Fri 19.-) or a sleek duo of polenta and goat cheese (Fr. 13.-). In addition to the game dishes there is the “Bellevue” champion, a Viennese schnitzel with lukewarm potato salad and homemade cranberry puree from the pig (Fri. 29th) or from the veal (Fr. 43.-). Vegetarians can look forward to homemade gnocchi with Stilton sauce and pumpkin cubes (Fr. 25.-). This is complemented by a noble droplet from the well-stocked wine cellar.

The high-quality tap water (“Ava digl Parc Ela”) is offered for three francs per seven deciliters, of which one franc goes into environmental education projects of the association Parc Ela.

Guests finish with the pumpkin pie, something sweet, a pumpkin cake according to the old British recipe, which tastes delicious.

Then finally why not enjoy an espresso on the sun terrace overlooking the sublime sky-towering Tinzenhorn,