Dining at the Hotel Bellevue

The main component of our menu is a daily changing, fresh 3-course menu.

We usually buy whole animals from the farmers in our region and then use them "from nose to tail". In our opinion, this is the most sustainable way of consumption and also the most respectful way of dealing with the animal.

Next to the menu there is a small menu. With a small selection we can guarantee a fresh cuisine at all times and can also ensure that the foodwaste is kept as small as possible.

If it is meat which does not come directly from the region then Swiss meat is used in any case. Also with all other products we try to buy as regional and seasonal as possible. We try to find a good balance between the sustainable use of our nature and your eating experience.

And we do not stop at the kitchen door with this thought, our wine list is also changing. The goal is to offer a wine list that consists only of Swiss wine. Also our spirits already come to a large extent from Switzerland.