The good start to the day

On our breakfast buffet you will find the delicacies from our region. The jams from Philipp Grendelmeier in Zizers, the cheese from the Wiesener Alp and the cereals from GranAlpin in Surava.

The cream cheese spreads are homemade from Davos cream cheese and all milk products are of course from the Davos dairy.

The meat products on the breakfast buffet come from the Spiess butchery in Davos and are made exclusively from Swiss meat.

For juices, a juice press is available with which you can press your breakfast juice fresh from various ingredients.

The extensive bread selection on the buffet comes from the village bakery Weber in Davos which has been awarded several times with the Swiss baker's crown.

Last but almost most important are good coffee and good tea at breakfast. The coffee comes from Blaser-Café. Again, the beans do not come from Switzerland, but everything possible is made in Switzerland. So it is also with the tea from Längass.